Alice 6 (Lab Diagnostic System)
  • Alice 6 (Lab Diagnostic System)

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    The Alice 6 LDx system is powered by Sleepware G3, the same software used for our other Alice family in-lab PSG and portable sleep diagnostic devices. Sleepware G3 is a robust platform with enhanced functionality to help busy sleep labs better meet their business and workflow needs, regardless of their lab size. Electrode impedance is continuously monitored and displayed for EEG, EMG and ECG during the sleep study to give the clinician real-time feedback on the quality of electrode-skin contact. The impedance values are viewable during and post-acquisition. The Alice 6 LDE system provides your busy lab with the base set of channels needed to meet AASM standards ,while allowing staff to focus more on patients and less on equipment. Use the Alice 6 LDE system to provide routine PSGs efficiently.