Cough Assist E70
  • Cough Assist E70

    CoughAssist E70 is a mechanical insufflation-exsufflation device designed to noninvasively clear secretions from the lungs by simulating a natural cough. Similar to a normal deep breath, CoughAssist gradually applies positive air pressure (insufflation) to obtain a large volume of air within the lungs. The device then quickly reverses the flow of air by shifting to negative air pressure (exsufflation). The resulting high expiratory flow helps mobilize secretions out of the airway as a deep, natural cough would do.


    Important Features 


    • Control and synchronization

    The proprietary, integrated Cough-Trak algorithm gives patients the ability to initiate their therapy. By triggering on patient inspiration, this feature helps to synchronize therapy with the user’s breathing pattern allowing for more control of therapy and a more comfortable, natural treatment.

    • Flexibility in delivery of therapy

    Three highly customizable therapy modes offer the ability to better tailor therapy to patient needs and treatment settings; Manual, Auto, Advanced Auto. From complete manual control over every aspect of treatment by a clinician or caregiver to a fully automated treatment mode including pressure settings, pre-therapy breaths and cough cycles.

    • Multiple non-invasive patient interface options

    Instead of introducing a suction catheter into the airway, CoughAssist delivers therapy through a face mask, mouthpiece, or a simple adapter that allows the device to function with an endotracheal or tracheotomy tube.

    • Loosening and mobilization

    CoughAssist offers an adjustable oscillation feature designed to enhance the loosening of mucus from the bronchial walls and increase mobilization of secretions to help improve bronchial drainage and increase the benefits of mechanical insufflation-exsufflation therapy

    • Enhance clinical evaluation and reporting

    Data management tools help assess therapy efficacy and enable better clinical decision-making around patient use and treatment settings. Achieve the most effective cough with insight into a patient’s response to therapy from CoughAssist by monitoring data including peak cough flow and oxygen saturation while also reviewing pressure and flow waveforms.