Dreamstation BiPAP
  • Dreamstation BiPAP

    DreamStation offers a sleek, low-profile design. Its vibrant color screen displays daily progress and features easy-to-use menus. This is an auto-adjusting bi-level machine that automatically adjusts during the night to provide two distinct pressures for inhalation and exhalation.


    The DreamStation is designed to fulfill the needs of all BiPAP users who demand the best from their therapy. 18% smaller with a smaller footprint takes up significantly less room on the nightstand. At 28% lighter, traveling with the unit, especially without the optional humidifier, is a breeze.


    Important Features

    • Connectivity options offer more monitoring choices than any leading CPAP brand with integrated Bluetooth® on every device, and offering optional Wi-Fi.
    • Performance Check simplifies in-home device evaluation and can help reduce the number of normally functioning devices that are returned for service.
    • Daily Progress Feedback displays a simple trend of patients’ nightly use to help track progress on the path to adherence.
    • Advanced event detection
    • Mask type resistance control and Mask fit check
    • Oximetry capable
    • Encore patient management system with optional
      Adherence Profiler
    • DreamMapper patient self-management system compatibility
    • Humidifier includes Fixed, adaptive, heated tube, Pre-heat humidifier option, Modular design with one-piece and a dishwasher-safe water chamber