Dorma 100
  • Dorma 100

    Philips Respironics took input from home care providers and developed a device to meet the demands of an evolving Sleep industry. As an extension of the proven System One family, the Dorma 100 rounds out the System One line by providing a robust set of features in one affordable unit.
    Now, most of your patients can enjoy many of the same comfort benefits, including:
    • Flex pressure relief
    • Enhanced humidification with rainout
    protection and Heated Tube option


    A more natural way of breathing
    Flex technology helps make PAP therapy more natural by sensing when the patient is exhaling and reducing pressure at those times to make breathing more natural and comfortable.


    More comfort with our rainout protection
    System One Humidity Control delivers high humidity and ultimate comfort to the patient, while also reducing rainout, even in changing environmental conditions. A heated hose option is also available to provide more humidity even in cold environments.