Wisp Youth Mask
  • Wisp Youth Mask

    The Wisp is a very light unobtrusive mask with exceptional sealing qualities, and an added bonus is that reading glasses can be worn with the mask on.   Lots of mouth breathers use a chin strap to encourage nasal breathing, so they too can experience this truly remarkable mask! 


    1.No forehead piece needed, which will be an asset to those troubled by forehead marks from other masks.

    2.No contact with the nasal bridge, which will be a massive benefit to those people troubled by nasal bridge sores.

    3.No problems with cushion sizing, as most sizes come in the packet, and it's very possible that more than one size may be able to be used too.

    4. Quiet and easy to fit and remove, which is helpful for any night trips to the bathroom.

    5.Excellent option to position the CPAP hose through the loop at the top of the headgear, and this works great with the CPAP Hose Lift to get full freedom from the hose.