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About SeaCrown

Founded in 2002, Seacrown dedicates to innovation in the fields of Contrast Medium Injection Systems. They are the manufacture developed and produced the first dual CT injector and MRI injector in China. We proudly announced that Seacrown obtained over 30 patents, software copyrights, and core confidential technologies of injection system. With more than 2,000 devices installed worldwide, Seacrown is becoming one of the leading global providers of contrast medium injection systems.

Contrast Media Injectors


Dual Syringe CT Contrast Media Injector Zenith C22

Zenith Dual Syringe CT Injector can match all the demands of contrast-enhanced scan for Multislice-CT MS-CT,including the most advanced clinical applications.

●Zenith Dual Syringes CT Injector provides saline flush capability to your CT. Saline flush not only can control the contrast agent reach the right part punctually, but also may reduce the picture interferential shadows during the breast scan. And the press make contrast agent denser, so that  you can 
obtain stronger signal. 
●Large color touch-screen makes operate more intuitionistic and makes injection planning and process controlling easier.
●Clear and intelligible operate screen.
●Flexible injection design can help you realizing the simplest 1 phase single syringe injection, or finishing the complicated 8 phases dual syringe injection. All are in your control. 
●The elaborate assistant tray on which operator can place the fluid bottles or other things , and put the connector tubing or the scalp vein set in the special place.

Flow Rate programmable: 0.1 to 10 ml/sec
Pressure Limitsprogrammable:100  to 300psi 
Injection Capabilities :1 to 8 phases


CT Contrast Media Injector

Zenith C20

Zenith CT injector is made for the injection of a contrast agent in enhanced CT scan and CT angiography.

Zenith CT injector is controlled by a computer system. It takes advantage of specialized syringes and other accessories, so the cost of injection is very low. The delivery rate and volume satisfy all the criteria required by enhanced CT scan.
●The highest delivery rate: 9.9ml/s, the lowest delivery rate: 0.1ml/s. The large range of rate from 0.1ml/s to 9.9 ml/s satisfies all of the requirements for any enhanced CT scan. One to four phases injections meet a variety of CT injection’s need.
●Large-size disposable syringe meets various requirements for volume of any enhanced CT scan.
●The highest pressure limit increase the safety of process
●Relay input/output interface connects to different CT scan facilities in the safest manner.
●Small diameter pipe tube reduces the waste of contrast agent, and synonizes the delivery of contrast agent and scan.
●Long-distance control box enables the user to monitor it in either control room or scanning room.

Flow Rate: 0.1 to 10 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments
Pressure Limits: Programmable from 50 to 350 psi in 1 psi increments
Injection Capabilities: 1 to 8 phases

MR Contrast Media Injector

Zenith C60

Zenith MR Injector with non-magnetic structure can meet all your need in CE-MR imaging and have multiple helpful features.C60 is compatible with magnetic force up to 3T MR imaging system.

Benefits of Dual Syringe
●Delivering saline after the injection of contrast medium, which enhance the quality of imaging.
●KVO procedure prevent the position of injection from blood coagulation.

●Excellent performance, 8 Amp. hour battery offers longer scan times between ges
●Independent KVO procedure
●On-screen tutorial for the simplification of set-up procedure
●Flexible power management with Integrated Continuous Battery Charger option allows either full, non-tethered battery operation or continuous battery ging through AC power connection - switch to either battery or power source in seconds
●Mobile configuration available for MR trailers
●Multi-phase injection control

●Flow Rate programmable:0.1 to 10.0 ml/sec in 0.1 ml/sec increments
●Pressure Limits: Factory set not exceed 350psi
●Injection Capabilities:1 to 8 phases 

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