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About JUDcare

Shenzhen Juding Medical Co., Ltd. (Called JUDcare for short) is a leading high-tech medical imaging technology manufacturing company in the field of smart medical and healthcare solutions. Headquartered in Shenzhen city, China. JUDcare's products and services now cover more than 3,500 hospitals in 30 provinces across China including Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Henan Province People’s Hospital, and other 650 large tertiary hospitals. and over 50 countries & regions around the world.

Medical Diagnostic Dry Thermal Film Imager

JUDcare (The previous brand was CLEAR) provides the medical diagnostic dry thermal film imager (MDST-22). The printed imaging quality of MDST-22 is similar to some laser imagers in Japan and USA. The most cost-effective and eco-friendly thermal film imager with compact size, superior printing speed, and full-sized coverage meets all kinds of radiology printing needs. The incorporated leading Toshiba printing technology, aerospace-level electromechanical control, and precise wind-control film-transmitting systems assure the most reliable, stable, and persistent imaging hardcopy output solution.

Basic Parameters

  •  Film Transferring: Pick-up;

  •  Network Protocols: DICOM connection;

  •  Media: Thermal film(F);

  •  Media Sizes: 8×10in, 10×12in, 11×14in, 14×17in;

  • Media Inputs: 2 supply cassettes, 100 sheets each;

  • Throughput: About 60 sheets/hour for 14×17in.


  • Print Technology: Direct thermal(dry, daylight safe operation);

  • Maximum Density: ≥ 3.0D;

  • Throughput: About 60 sheets/hour for 14×17in;

  • Application Fields: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.;

  • Engine Dimensions: 553mm(L)×440mm(W)×615mm(H).


  • Compact design to meet all kinds of printing needs;

  • Stable and super-persistent printing head capable of about 50,000 printing times;

  • Two trays to realize different printing sizes at the same time;

  • Eco-friendly silver halide-free printing;

  • Supreme Toshiba printing technology;

  • Aerospace-level electromechanical control system.

Medical X-ray Imaging Dry Film Printer

JUDcare provides a high-quality tabletop digital medical X-ray imaging Dicom dry inkjet film printer (366-5(6)). The medical film printer (366-5 and 366-6) adopt special radiographic film and ink, both of which were researched, developed, and produced by JUDcare (The previous brand was CLEAR) independently. It prints roll films with black or color ink. It can reach as high as 3.0 transmission density, 600dpi spatial resolution, and 12-bit gray-scale. With original scroll cutting technology, It can easily achieve the printing of 5 kinds of specifications with a single roll of film, furthermore, It can meet the demands of medical dry film and medical color film respectively, and it is in compliance with radiology diagnostic requirements, therefore it is suitable for large and medium-sized hospitals. The output is 60 to 150 pictures for a single machine per day. When the demand is more than 150 pictures per day, two devices or more are recommended to be used simultaneously. 366-5 and 366-6 receive image datum in DICOM format via CLEAR DICOM software, and then output images. With CLEAR specified ink, it can perfectly meet the needs of CR, DR imaging application, and even CT, MRI, PET-CT, and other imaging applications.


Basic Parameters

  • Print Technology: Inkjet(dry, daylight safe operation);

  • Film Supply: By roll or sheet;

  • Interfaces: Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet (RJ45);

  • Media: Medical dry film, Medical color film;

  • Media Sizes: 8×10in, 10×12in, 11×14in, 14×14in, 14×17in, 14×51in, A4, A3, A3+;

  • Maximum Width: 17inch.


  • Maximum Density: ≥ 3.0D;

  • Throughput: About 60 sheets per hour in standard mode for 14×17in;

  • Application Fields:

  • 366-5: X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.;

  • 366-6: B ultrasound, endoscope, PET-CT, CT 3D reconstruction;

  • Packing Dimensions:

  • Printer: 775mm(L)×350mm(W)×300mm(H);

  • Accessories: 705mm(L)×322mm(W)×215mm(H).


  • Superior print speed and full-size printing;

  • Wide range applications, support black & white and color images printing;

  • Roll media films to avoid film sticky ;

  • Encryption technology;

  • Support DICOM format images printing;

  • The world's first roll inkjet printer;

  • Environmental protection without ozone.

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